How to Successfully Introduce A New Product or Program At Your Gym

Selecting the right new equipment, product or technology for your gym is a crucial part of running a successful business and staying competitive, but it can also be fun. The right selection not only helps keep your current athletes excited and engaged, but it will also help attract new athletes as well.

But as important as it is to select the right equipment for your business, introducing it to your staff and clients is just as important. Here are some tips for making sure that new investment doesn’t end up collecting dust…


Develop communication on how this program or tool will help your athletes achieve their goals. Examples of this communication could be:

  • internal talking points for your staff at the next team meeting
  • printed items such as posters and handouts for clients
  • social media posts or videos introducing the product and showing how it can be used

Train your staff on the equipment until they’ve become experts at using it. Your people need to be completely comfortable and confident with the product themselves before they can effectively teach others.

Develop a curriculum for the new tool or program. Familiarize your staff with the curriculum and their role in teaching it to clients.

Run an in-house seminar where clients can be introduced to the new equipment and learn how to properly and safely use it.

If the equipment is to be used in a class, prepare for that class by setting expectations among your trainers for how you want the class run and how you expect the trainers to interact with clients in the class.

Generate Awareness

Use print, video and digital media to announce, introduce, educate and promote your new product/class. Include social media in your efforts.

Encourage staff to discuss, post pictures and offer explanations about the new product. As clients become familiar with the new equipment, encourage them to do the same. Do what you can to create buzz about this new item at you gym.

Create an educational video for your social media pages and your website, or to play on video monitors in your gym.


Be certain your program is thought through completely and your staff is well prepared for the launch.

For your initial classes with the product, make sure those classes are full even (if you need to have staff to attend to fill it out). Classes perceived as popular are more likely to attract participants.

Keep the energy level high and the class flowing. Remind your staff to project some excitement around the new investment.

Welcome feedback and encourage social media engagement. Create a hashtag for staff to use.

Have Fun

Make sure you and the rest of your team have fun with the launch. There’s nothing better for your marketing than having your clients go out and tell their friends and family about their fun gym and the new products they continue to add and introduce.

Also, create some incentives for your staff around whoever creates the most buzz. This will really get everyone fired up and talking about the new product.


As with any new effort, preparation is crucial. Following some of the tips above can help ensure the introduction of a new product at your gym is successful, fun and ultimately accomplishes the goal of helping to retain your current clients and attract the new ones you’ve been looking for.

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