Group participating in spin class at a gym

Three Reasons Why New Equipment Breathes New Life into Existing Fitness Programs

Sometimes all it takes to breathe new life into a group fitness or personal training program is new exercise equipment. There’s no need to outfit the whole gym with loads of big-ticket items either—even a few additional and budget-friendly pieces can make a positive difference. Here are three ways to elevate your game by incorporating a few strategic purchases into …

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Amanda Vogel

MA Human Kinetics, Certified Fitness Instructor, Owner of Active Voice and Social Media Consultant

HYPERICE Advanced Recovery

Hot (and Cold) New Products from HYPERICE

Some like it hot, some like it cold. These brand new products from HYPERICE will make everyone happy. The VENOM is a wearable back massager that combines heat and vibration for the ultimate, portable massage. Hypersoothe is an all-natural lightweight cooling cream that relieves and relaxes sore, stiff muscles and joints. The VENOM Treat yourself, or your personal training clients, …