How to create extra revenue with retail

We all know that selling retail products can be a great additional value to offer clients and an extra source revenue, but how can we be successful if clients can get the same (or similar) products online? Below are some helpful insights successful companies use to win over customers, without relying on having to discount the products you offer to …

Friederike Aprea

Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Business Development at WebExercises, Inc.

Boys and Girls at Summer Camp

How to Get Kids Excited to Attend a Camp

School is out and summer is here! While your kids look forward to the few months off, you may be wondering what to do with the extra time. A great way to keep your kids healthy and active throughout the summer is to sign up for summer camps and youth sports leagues. The effect of exercise and its benefit on overall health is …

Meredith Reinhard

Meredith Reinhard

Level 1 Crossfit Coach

Becoming a “Purple Cow” in Your Community

Becoming a “Purple Cow” in Your Community

Self-help author and corporate speaker Andy Andrews says for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition, they need to compete at a level that the competition doesn’t even know exists. If all businesses in your industry are competing with the same general price and with the same product or service, what will you do to make yourself standout from the …

How to Maintain Your Member Retention During the Summer Months

How to Maintain Your Member Retention During the Summer Months

Summer means school is out and vacations are planned — your member retention doesn’t have to suffer while your members have a lot going on. We’ve outlined several family friendly options to help you meet your goals: Social Events Building a community is an important piece to building a culture in a gym or facility — it’s what keeps people returning! Creating …

CJ Kostranchuk

Level 1 CrossFit Coach and Founder/Co-Owner, Coach at The Bar Athletics

High Intensity Fitness Programming

Six Versatile Items For High-Intensity Fitness Programming

Clients join a specific gym or club for many different reasons. Some like the social aspect of group exercise, while others choose a facility based on high-end equipment or other factors that align with their goals. Facilities offering high-intensity fitness programming, regardless of what they name the class, need certain products that might not be required for other classes. If …

Group of Runners

Fitness: Your Client’s Best Hour

Seeing results from working out is exciting, and it can be a great incentive for a person with fitness goals to keep coming to the gym. But, often, it’s not just fitness goals that keep them returning. Adults might be looking for more than a way to lose weight or gain muscle – they are looking for a community of likeminded …

People Walking In Street

Marketing Fitness To Millennials

According to a study from the American Public Transportation Association, walking is more popular than ever. Of course, fitness fanatics already know that walking or running to a destination is much healthier and cheaper compared to riding in a car, bus or train. The study states that millennials, or those born between the years of 1982 and 2003, residing in cities are walking …

New Year, New You

Retain Members by Making Them Really Belong

Countless research studies have found that working out with a buddy, or in a group, helps participants get better fitness results, stick to their workout routines, and stay motivated. Creating a sense of community might be one of the best ways to turn New Year’s Resolutions chasers into club veterans. Play matchmaker. Casually offer to introduce members to other members …