Everything you need to know about Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training

Stay up to date on the latest health and wellness topics with the new ELIVATE webinar series. From innovative treatment techniques to business best practices, the ELIVATE webinar series will provide FREE continuing education from some of Healthcare’s most respected thought leaders and researchers. Date: Thursday, June 28th at 2pm EST Cost: FREE Title: Everything you need to know about Blood …

Providing novel stimulus to help reduce pain and increase range of motion

This week, we tapped Shante Cofield to give us one of her favorite tricks with RockFloss. Check out an entirely new way to reduce muscle and joint pain and improve range of motion – with a convenient, portable floss band! Here we’ll detail the steps to applying RockFloss to the calf. The goal will be to improve flexibility, help with …

Dr. C. Shanté Cofield


What do the 3 most famous athletes have in common?

What do the three best athletes in the world have in common?

Recently, Lebron James was spotted in Las Vegas wearing custom made Hyperice Ice Compression Technology. The next day, Kelly Slater, the world’s best surfer, posted an image of Hyperice Ice Compression Technology, which was critical in his recent injury recovery. That same week, a Sports Illustrated article documented Tom Brady’s daily workout and recovery regime. The Vyper and Hypersphere were …

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Join Our Catalog Mailing List

Last month was a big one for ELIVATE…our all-new catalog hit mailboxes at the end of 2016! You can find the complete list of our products on our website, but sometimes, nothing beats flipping through a catalog or dog-earing pages of items you wish to purchase. If you didn’t receive the free catalog shown here and would like to be added to …

2016 Year In Review

Elivate’s 2016 Recap

Elivate had a lot of success in 2016 – we welcomed many new staff members at our headquarters and helped spread word of fitness trends through this very blog. We also increased our selection of products and met new clients along the way…what could be better than that? We’ve heard positive feedback on our posts and you’ve let us know …

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The Anti-Ice Man Gary Reinl Talks With UFC Champ Miesha Tate About Icing

There is a reason you reach for an ice bag when a client has a strain or a sprain. RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) has been considered a tried-and-true treatment for sports injuries for decades. That’s why UFC fighter Miesha Tate was surprised when her trainer told her he didn’t believe in icing anymore. While doing some Google research on …

Gary Reinl

Gary Reinl

Author of ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option, Director Pro Teams @ H-Wave & MARC PRO, Status Quo Challenger, Strength Building Expert, Marathoner, Gym Lover

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Hurley Athletes Surf Past Muscle Fatigue with ELIVATE

After working tirelessly with the specialists who make up Hurley’s medical team, ELIVATE has become an integral part of the Hurley athlete’s recipe for success. Click to find out which muscle recovery tools keep the surfers healthy on their 9-month tour.