Alexander Nicholas

Spartan Pro Team and Spartan Race Champion, Owner/Founder at EPIC Hybrid Training

After many successful years owning and running a restaurant/bar in New York City, Alex – who has been athletic his entire life – decided to take on his next challenge and open the original EPIC Hybrid Training in a small 700 square foot second floor studio in NYC. He has since used his athletic ability to promote EPIC in one of the largest up-and-coming sports: obstacle course racing.

Alex has defied the odds in the sport by becoming the only man in history over 200 lbs. to win a Spartan Race. (Apparently, men with that much muscle shouldn’t be able to run that fast.)

On top of his racing, he has been able to grow EPIC by leaps and bounds. Not only have people flocked to EPIC because they saw that the training was working for Alex, but also because it was a change from the same old fitness routine.

“At EPIC, adults do exercises they haven’t done since they were kids – or possibly never attempted before,” Alex notes. “This might include swinging on monkey bars, practicing a handstand, climbing a rope or even finding an athletic side you never knew you had!”

You might have seen Alex featured on the Today Show or completing an America Ninja Warrior Course. His historic performance on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch is still something people talk about! These are perfect examples that his hybrid training programs will prepare you for anything that life might throw at you.