Ann Heizer

Personal Trainer

Ann is the originator of Grounded XT™ Cross-Training for the Nooks and Crannies™, a semi-seated exercise program, and is passionate about inspiring people. With over 30 years of experience as a group fitness and personal training expert, Ann merges her passion for teaching older adults and athletes alike, combining balance, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular exercise, and brain fitness to the routines she teaches. In addition to training, Ann has been working with a group of senior citizens to further develop herGrounded XT™ program and she is excited to share what she has learned.

Certifications – USA:

  • 2007 Gliding Certification
  • 2006 Drums Alive Certification
  • 2006 Gravity Group Training Certification
  • 2006 Symmetry Core Level 2 Practitioner
  • 2005 Gravity Personal Training Certification – EFI Sportsmedicine
  • 2004 Symmetry STAR Postural Alignment Practitioner
  • 2004/2003 BOSU Master Trainer – Levels I & II
  • 2003 ETA Older Adult Trainer Certification
  • 1999 National Council of Certified Personal Trainer Certification
  • 1987 ACE Group Exercise Trainer Certification & IDEA Member

Certifications – South Africa:

  • Aqua Instructor / Group Exercise Instructor / Step Instructor
  • Continuing education provider for fitness professionals
  • Competed, coached and judged national trampoline 1979-81