Bryce Taylor

PT, S&C Coach, SFMA

Bryce is a practicing physical therapist, strength & conditioning coach, programming consultant to a global fitness company, national presenter, certified (mat) Pilates instructor, SFMA practitioner, fitness enthusiast, critical thinker, and father of two beautiful girls. He spends a great deal of time in the trenches—hands on—helping people get better through customized movement programming.

Bryce’s interests have largely centered around an inter-regional dependence model for comprehensive orthopedic and wellness conditions. Including a belief in prevention, Bryce has created educational content for the multi-patented and trademarked fitness and rehab innovation, the Halo Trainer, which he invented in 2009.

In the process of creating new and innovative back, hip and shoulder stabilization exercises with the stability ball and BOSU, Bryce realized that these elastic surfaces were difficult to control and difficult to scale. Additionally, much of the previously known stability ball exercise content needed updating.

Out of this realization, the Halo Trainer was born.

This friction-fitting ergonomic handlebar apparatus allows the exerciser to control the level of stability while providing an updated integrated approach to core training.

Bryce has also lectured for national conferences and annual meetings including the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), American Chiropractic Association Sports Council (ACASC), and Joint Commission on Sports Medicine & Science (JCSMS), in addition to providing consult to the NFL.