Caroline Hughes


Caroline first moved to NYC in 2011 from her small town in South Carolina to begin a career in advertising. Having worked in digital media for over 7 years, Caroline decided to pursue her passion for fitness by getting her NASM CPT. In her off hours, she now works at group fitness studios around New York City and Brooklyn. What she really loves about the fitness industry are the people she gets to meet and helping others get stronger and more confident! In addition to group fitness, she is available to work with clients one on one.

How did you get into HIIT Workouts and what is your fitness background?
Fitness is a part of my genetics. My grandfather and dad used to work out together all the time in the garage, while I drew cartoons on their workout notebooks! While previously a solo gym goer, after moving to NYC I got even further caught up on the fitness bandwagon, and began to slowly fall in love with the group fitness community! HIIT style workouts were my favorite. They were quick, effective, and always varied. When I found HIIT BOX, I was sold and knew I had to get further involved.

What’s your fitness philosophy?
We tend to talk ourselves out of what our bodies are 100% capable of doing — just because we feel it’s too much. However, when we finally decide that we’re going to try, it’s truly amazing what we’re capable of achieving. Not attempting is the only failure there is. The more we believe in this philosophy, it slowly begins to absorb into our lives outside of the gym.

Which means never say never…

What are your three must-do exercises?
1. Planks
2. Burpees
3. Lateral lunge to shoulder press

What’s on your iPod?
Everything from Cardi B to Bluegrass…I am fond of Jimmy Buffet during the summer months!

Chocolate ice cream or vanilla?
Mint chocolate chip!