Chris Beardsley

Christopher Beardsley

Director of Strength and Conditioning Research

Chris is the director of Strength & Conditioning Research, an online encyclopedia for fitness information.

In February 2012, Beardsley and Bret Contreras created the Strength & Conditioning Research review, which was (and still is) a continuing professional development service for strength coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists and sports medicine professionals of all kinds. Their digital review comes out the first day of every month and contains 50 short study reviews, which cover the latest research in strength and conditioning, biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, and physical therapy – all pertinent information for the chiropractic community.

Beardsley and Contreras created the online encyclopedia in January 2015. To date, they have launched over a dozen pages analyzing the key sports medicine areas that are essential for any chiropractor or sports medicine professional to know about, such as strength, power and hypertrophy.

You can learn about the latest, cutting-edge fitness research with the S&C Research review service. This monthly magazine reviews 50 of the most important sports science studies every month. To get a free first edition, click HERE.