Dr. Anat Aronowicz

Anat is a writer, practitioner and coach.  She has been studying physical medicine since completing her Reiki Level I & II certifications in 2001. She began qualifying as a yoga teacher shortly thereafter and pursued these healing arts throughout her career as a lawyer. Anat interrupted her practice of law in 2012 to feed her passion of getting people better with hands on healing, graduating from SCUHS/LACC with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, cum laude, in 2016.

Anat has been studying various movement and dural systems, including craniosacral technique and SOT, and began training in dynamic neuromuscular stabilization with the Prague School in 2015. She has completed certifications in DNS levels A, B and C.  She holds a 200hr YTT and an advanced 300hr YTT; certification in Cranio Facial Release Technique (CFR); and licenses to practice chiropractic in California, British Columbia and Hawaii. (She maintains her license to practice law in British Columbia, Ontario and New York. She also holds an advanced degree in Economics from the University of Toronto).

Anat is motivated by deepening her understanding of DNS principles (founded on developmental movement and relying on cultivating adequate intra abdominal pressure, joint centration and appropriate movement patterning) and reconciling conflicting and overlapping understandings of functional movement and connective tissue constraints. She is driven to use her hands, her intellect and her voice to help people find the freedom of movement and mind to do what they want.