Jason Amstutz

Dr. Jason Amstutz

Doctor of Chiropractic, CCSP*, RTP, CSCS

Jason Amstutz DC, CCSP*, RTP, CSCS practices manual medicine utilizing the most advanced biomechanical screening/ assessment to identify the causality of the pain or lack of performance in the athletes’ that he treats. After identifying the biomechanical dysfunction which is causing symptoms, he uses Advanced Manipulation (chiropractic and osteopathic), Applied Neurophysiology (Trigenics) and Advanced Soft Tissue Treatment (Myofascial Stretches and fascial treatments) to solve all elements of musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Postgraduate training includes:

Currently Studying the SomaTherapy and the SomaTraining programs with world renowned Osteopath and Medical Doctor, Guy Voyer. Better Outcomes via superior Anatomy and Biomechanics! Myofascial stretching, ELDOAs (self decoaptation exercises for discs and joints), Treatment of the Fascia, Pumping of the Joints.

Internship/Mentor Richard Shaker DC, CCSP, ACRB, RTP has enabled Dr. Amstutz to diagnose and treat the most difficult Biomechanical Dysfunctions. Continuing to learn from Dr. Shaker is paramount to his treatment strategies and education. To learn more please go to Dr. Shaker’s website.

R.T.P. Registered Trigenics Practitioner – 2002 to present. Applied neurophysiology affecting the gamma bias (resting muscle tone) of the muscle fibers to either increase firing and activate or to decrease firing and inhibit. Trigenics can instantly decrease chronic pain and tightness or instantly increase strength in an inhibited muscle due to injury. For more information visit Trigenics official website.

C.C.S.P. Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician program. A post graduate program designed to educate the Doctor on the responsibilities and guidelines of a Team Physician. Specific topics include: On Field Emergencies, Concussion Guidelines, Extremity treatment and Diagnosis, Lowback Pain and the athlete. More information: ACBSP online.

Myofascial Release Techniques. Various methodologies for releasing the fascia from an active, passive and most effectively using Myofascial Stretches created by French Osteopath/MD Guy Voyer. learn more at GuyVoyer.com.

C.S.C.S. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 2004 – present. Working with professional athletes requires an understanding of all strength and conditioning programs that he/she is participating in while under treatment, so Dr. Amstutz stays up to date with all the latest training protocols and exercises.