Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani

Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani

Co-Founder of Well Adjusted and Vitality Organic Allied Health. Speaker.

Dr. Jennifer Barham-FloreaniBIOGRAPHY & CURRICULUM VITAE
Doctor Jennifer Barham-Floreani is a best-selling author and successful chiropractor. She is a published authority on pediatric health and holistic parenting and a professional speaker.

Dr Jennifer’s unique credentials extend to her upbringing, as she has known the benefits of chiropractic adjustments since birth by her father and being raised in one of Australia’s largest chiropractic families. From an early age she witnessed the impact that this style of healthcare has had on countless families and she feels incredibly blessed that her life’s journey has been entwined with such a remarkable profession.

As a mother of four Dr Barham-Floreani is extremely passionate about preserving and promoting chiropractic and helping parents improve their ‘health literacy’ and define their families health culture. Together with her chiropractic husband Simon and Jennifer have co-founded
a revolutionary and award winning, Health and Wellness super clinic incorporating over 20 Allied Health Professionals and chiropractors that actively guide family’s on how to navigate their health.

Royal Melbourne College of Chiropractic Doctor of Chiropractic 1998

ICPA Certificate in Webster Technique 2007

PET Australian Psychological Society 2008 & 2009

Victorian Chiropractor of the Year

Australian Chiropractor of the Year

Woman of the Year 2011 – World Congress of Women Chiropractors

Co-founder and Director of Well Adjusted Pty — a company committed to producing practitioner and lay public health products. This company has developed a range of products including educational material for both professional and public streams, products that provide physical aid to mothers during pregnancy including a Pregnancy Support Belt and Belly, Bust and Baby pillow. Other products include audio products and a holistic parenting website.

Co-founder and Director of Vitality Organic Allied Health – a revolutionary and award winning, Health and Wellness super clinic incorporating over 20 Allied
Health Professionals and chiropractors, in Melbourne Australia. Dr Jennifer and her husband Simon are the principal chiropractors. With Vitality’s collaborative approach to strengthening health, this center has become a much loved and valued resource for hundreds of families in Melbourne.

Research Reviewer. Editorial Review Board for The Chiropractic Journal of Australia. (2011 – Present)

TV Spokesperson (2009 – Present )“Parenting Expert” Segments Channel Ten’s “The Circle.” Channel Ten’s Morning Show and National Broadcast

Print and Online “Health Expert” (2009 –Present.) News Media Australia

Online “Health Expert” 2009 –Present. The KORA Organics Blog. Contributor on Miranda Kerr’s popular blog alongside Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr John Demartini, Cyndi O’Meara and Louise Hay.

“Well Adjusted Babies” 2005

“Well Adjusted Babies” Revised Edition 2006

“Well Adjusted Babies 2nd Edition” 2007

“Well Adjusted Babies Practitioner Guide” 2007

“Ticklish — New Ways to Help Your Child Learn, Love & Play” 2009

“Chiropractic approach to the management of children” Chiropractic & Osteopathy Journal 2010, 18:16

“Pearls of Wisdom, Pure & Powerful” (contributing author) 2011

Lunchbox Solutions 2012

The Legitimacy of Chiropractic in Family Healthcare, White Paper. 2013

Other Publications: Dr Barham-Floreani has written countless articles for a variety of chiropractic, parenting and health magazines.