Dr. Tony Mikla


Dr. Mikla is a physical therapist and performance coach specializing in movement and functional restoration. Tony is the Manager of Physical Therapy for EXOS in Phoenix, AZ (formerly Athletes Performance), and is the Founder of Theraflix, LLC, a web-based resource for PTs and their patients. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, USA Track and Field Certified Coach, and has been working with athletes and clients on movement dysfunction and pathology for the last 20 years.

Tony works with all levels of patients and has developed a specialty in Sports Medicine over the years, working closely with world-renowned surgeons, Recreational Clients, Tactical Operators, and Elite Athletes. He has published numerous articles on Training and Rehabilitation and kinetic linking for performance. Over his career, Tony has worked as a consultant for Professional Teams in the MLB and NBA, as well as individual athletes including, Olympic Champions, MMA Champions, PGA Tour Professionals, US Military Special Operators, and athletes from NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL.

Tony has presented nationally for the APTA, NATA and NSCA conferences. He has been an instructor for a long-term sports medicine course in Northern California, and guest instructor at Sacramento State University and University of the Pacific PT programs. Currently he serves as adjunct clinical faculty for Northern Arizona University PT Program. Tony is a finalist for the 2014 NSCA Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Specialist of the Year.