Firas Zahabi

Trainer and Strength Coach

Prior to his role as an MMA coach, Firas Zahabi won many titles. He was the Canadian Muay Thai champion and won titles in Jui Jitsu as well.

His TriStar Gym has been a martial arts studio since 1991, and now encompasses 13,500 square feet of modern facilities. Using his extensive experience in training, Firas has developed specific training for MMA.

Firas says that instead of training slowly but consistently, he will work with athletes (such as Georges St-Pierre) on shorter, high intensity training sessions.

“If you train for two to three hours, the intensity level can’t be the same as somebody who trains for one hour,” he says. “So, the first 20 minutes of the training is warm up. We’re not really working out; we’re just stretching and getting the body warm. Then, we do only 40 minutes of work, but at as high a quality as possible, and by high quality I mean very intense.”

When pressed on what separates him from other coaches, the modest Zahabi answers:

“Get in there with the guys and we go at it. I spar with Georges and spar with him 100%. I stay in shape and keep developing along with our fighters. I’m trying to get better each day too.”

Firas is also the Co-Founder of TimTam Technology and Recovery Solutions.