Scott Gassner NASM Master Trainer

Scott Gassner

NASM Master Trainer

Scott “Scottie” Gassner has been a personal trainer for over 11 years.  He started his career shortly after overcoming his own battles with weight.  As a child and teenager Scott was very thin but going into college his weight pushed a very unhealthy 210 pounds.  Determined to make his outsides a beautiful as his insides, he started the 3-year weight-loss journey, which eventually lead him to a career as a personal trainer.  His natural abilities (both with people and in business) quickly garnered him the title of top selling trainer at club 356, for 24 Hour Fitness, as well as one the top servicing trainers with the most clients.  

He started to realize that changing peoples’ lives was not only about changing their outsides but also was about helping them work out the emotions that led to the weight gain.  This led him to the realization that, although he had achieved his physical goals, mentally his battle was far behind all the lives he was changing.  

For the next 3 years he would attend weekly counseling sessions to get his mind in shape.  “Personal training for the mind” as he described it to his friends, would change his personal training career forever.  He became the connected and empathetic person his clients needed in order to face the battles (mentally and physically) that lay ahead.  More clients were not only losing weight but were being more consistent.  This meant less up and down, ‘rollercoaster’ living that typically characterizes the struggle to lose weight.

Financially his life changed too.  He became the top selling trainer for 24 Hour Fitness (Austin) in 2007 averaging $8,200.00 per month.  In one day he sold a record $12,000.00 leading to a record month of $21,000.00.  He became a fitness manager of the south location of 24 Hour Fitness which goals were top 10 in the company worldwide.  He would stay in this position for 6 months; hitting goal 4 times before realizing something was missing.

It had all become too corporate.  His connection with the people he started this career for was lost.  He stepped down out of his position to go back to what he loved the most: changing the outside and inside of peoples’ lives.