Jonathan Fraser

CTPS, MTPS Owner of Science in Tennis; Strength and Conditioning Coach, Claudio Pistolesi Enterprise

Jonny Fraser has worked as a strength and conditioning and tennis coach for the past six years. He has an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science, and is a certified tennis performance specialist with the iTPA. Jonny is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist with the NSCA. He has worked with a range of players, doing sessions with players ranging from mini tennis competitors to grand slam winners. As a college junior he competed in national tennis competitions and was captain of his university tennis team.

Jonny’s company, Science in Tennis, provides sport science support to tennis centers by focusing on strength and conditioning, sport psychology and performance nutrition. Jonny has a particular interest in youth development in tennis and the application of strength and conditioning support alongside managing the psycho social aspects of training in this age group. His company aims to provide a holistic approach to sport science in tennis utilizing evidenced-based practices. Jonny is going for his MTPS certification this fall.

Below is an audio interview clip on Jonny’s training philosophy.