JP Pocock

CF-L2 JP Pocock, aka: CrossFit KatanaCoach

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I competed in jujitsu throughout high school and also wrestled my senior year. My competitive athletic background was in mixed martial arts.

How long have you been crossfitting?
Just got my L2 less than a year ago so have been a cert holder for shy of 6 years. 1st heard about CrossFit in spring of ‘06, but didn’t understand it as a method just thought of it as a bunch of hard circuits that I could do.

How did you get into CrossFit and why do you like coaching?
I was doing strength and conditioning with a group of fighters I was coaching in Phuket, Thailand. A Texas guy named Randy said I should check out At first just messed around with the workouts. About 7 years ago was coaching fighters and competing in raw powerlifting meets and had an opportunity to do strength and conditioning with non-fighting population as a coach at a new CrossFit gym. Decided it was time to look into the cert, read the training guide and was hooked. It was like all of the theoretical training dots of my training and coaching career were connected. I had been training conjugate method for years but only as it applied to strength, conditioning was always done separately. The manual blew my mind and I was immediately sold on the CrossFit Method.

Favorite CF exercise? Least favorite?
I like anything hanging, rings or bar. I really struggle with overhead, years of neglecting mobility and some serious imbalances make snatching, pressing, or anything extended over my head a real challenge.

What would you tell someone considering CF?
Fitness is so much more fun when enjoyed in a group setting with friends. You don’t have to understand designing workouts or be fit to get started. You just have to clear your schedule for one hour a day and commit it to having fun and getting better.

Fun Facts:
Hidden talents? Used to wear a black belt and train martial arts, now just wear one to hold up my pants.

Favorite food? Man, I’m eating whole 30 again so don’t want to talk about it.

Favorite TV show? I have kids so if the TV is on it is not for my entertainment but so I can get a moment of peace and quiet. Clifford the big red dog works.

Favorite movie? I’m really enjoying the efforts put into all of the new comic superhero movies. Don’t have a particular one I like more than the others but enjoy following the franchises.

Best place you’ve traveled to/visited? I’ve been to Thailand training/coaching on 3 occasions, a 6-month stay, a 2-month stay, and a 2-week stay. Would like to make another trip there with the kids.

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