Levi Markwardt


Levi Markwardt has been in the fitness industry as a trainer and strength coach for nearly 20 years. A retired collegiate wrestler, he’s been involved in sport in some capacity his entire life and received his education from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. He currently owns and operates an Athletic Republic franchise (24-hour adult health club), authors strength programming for local high school athletes (in and out of his facility), offers online coaching and programming through his website, travels to teach his own “Harder to Kill Training” workshops, and competes in worldwide strength competitions.

Fitness Educator
Levi started off working with young athletes within the Athletic Republic training model and over the years has added different modes to achieve desired results for his clients and athletes. He’s become known for taking what works best with the bar, kettle bells, and calisthenics and creating “hybrid” programming for his developing athletes, but uses mainly kettle bells with adults (small groups and personal training) and in his own personal training. Starting with the RKC and “hardstyle,” Levi has developed his own unique style over the years with kettle bells and teaches his methods in his workshops and at his facility.

Levi believes everything begins with strength as your foundation. Everything is easier when you’re stronger. You move better, hurt less, recover faster and live life more fully.

Qualifications and Certifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree from Northwestern College
  • RKC Certified Instructor
  • SMK Certified Instructor