Michael Ringer

Personal Trainer

Originally from Northeast Ohio, Michael worked in corporate finance and politics for 5 years before transitioning to the fitness world. After avidly training in HIIT for 6 years, he knew he wanted to teach it and pursue his passion for helping people. He brings an incredibly fresh energy into the NYC fitness scene. Follow him on Instagram: @mike_ringo

How did you get into HIIT Workouts and what is your fitness background?
I was always athletic…until junior year of college. I put on 60 lbs. and stopped taking care of myself. When I decided to change my habits and get back on track, I discovered HIIT training and group fitness at our college gym and fell in love. Having my life changed by fitness and community drove me to always want to help change others lives. Getting to work with people every day and help them create the best version of themselves is something I crave.

What’s your fitness philosophy?
100% effort 100% of the time. Show up to work or don’t show up at all.

What are some of your favorite parts of a HIIT BOX workout that you haven’t been able to find elsewhere?
It is raw, it’s thought out, the clients come to work. It’s not just another studio to pose for Insta pics and leave.

What can we expect from your classes?
Personal training style in a group setting and high expectations. I pride myself on my attention to form. I always work to drive people to perform at their absolute highest potential.

What are your psych-up songs?
Anything rap or hip hop. I’m big on remixes and songs at 128bpm or higher to keep the class moving!

If you could have one superpower (besides being a rockstar HIIT BOX trainer) what would it be?
To be invisible! As social as I am, I’m a huge introvert.