Shon Harker

Stroops CEO

Shon is the CEO of Stroops and runs the Stroops Academy, a resource for fitness professionals and enthusiasts looking to stay up to date with current fitness trends, philosophies and exercises.

Coming out of Lehigh University with lots of optimism and a handful of hope, Shon launched Stroops from humble beginnings in his basement at home. As a star football athlete, knowing the playbook came easily to Shon, as did sewing, welding, and product innovation. After Shon created the first Stroops loop and attended one trade show, the Stroops brand was born. Stroops has since grown from a US-based distributor to a global marketing innovation and product manufacturing company.

The Stroops Academy now offers two brand new education options designed for fitness professionals. 1) The Training Room, Stroops online programming, is accessible to health clubs, coaches, and personal trainers, while 2) The Foundations Course immerses trainers in the fundamentals of Stroops and resistance band training, and offers certification for completion.