Amanda Vogel Fitness Professional IDEA World

Amanda Vogel

MA Human Kinetics, Certified Fitness Instructor, Owner of Active Voice and Social Media Consultant

Amanda Vogel, MA human kinetics, is a certified fitness instructor and owner of, a writing, editing and consulting service for the fitness industry. She’s a Hootsuite-certified social media consultant for fitness brands and public figures and a Fitness Technology Spokesperson for IDEA Health & Fitness Association. 

In addition to reviewing fitness technology, exercise gear and workout wear on her blog, Amanda writes for popular magazines, including IDEA Fitness Journal, ACE ProSource, Best Health, SELF and Reader’s Digest

She presents workshops on topics such as group exercise, social media and fitness writing at the industry’s biggest fitness conferences, including IDEA World, IDEA Personal Trainer Institute, IHRSA, NASM Optima, Athletic Business Conference and ACSM Health & Fitness Summit. You can follow her on Instagram @AmandaVogelFitness

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