15 Ways to Showcase New Exercise Equipment on Social Media

When your gym or fitness studio gets new exercise equipment, you’ll want to showcase it in a way that motivates members, creates buzz and positions you as progressive in the fitness industry.

In addition to promoting new equipment inside the gym, you could use social media to excite members and spark word of mouth about what your facility offers.

Check out these 15 suggestions for using social media to showcase new equipment purchases to members and beyond. Bonus: These social tactics can work to re-ignite interest in any equipment or services at your gym, even if they’re not new.

  1. If you’re expecting enough equipment to accommodate a full fitness class, you might be planning a special launch party to celebrate the new equipment arrival. If so, create a few digital images that communicate you’re excitedly counting down to the big event (e.g., Two Days Until XYZ Event). However, avoid a countdown campaign that lasts too long—it’ll lose its appeal quickly on social media. Start at something like two or three days before the event.
  2. Create a handful of 15- or 30-second video clips showing exercises you can do on the new equipment. Post each one separately on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or YouTube.
  3. Take three or four of those same videos and edit them together. You can do it right in the Instagram app, which allows you to edit multiple videos together that play one right after the other (up to 60 seconds total). If the group of videos adds up to more than 60 seconds, you can trim them right in the app so they fit within the time restriction. Flipagram does something similar.
  4. Broadcast a video with Facebook Live, announcing the arrival of the equipment in real time. Here, you might show staff happily unpacking equipment or moving it into the fitness studio or gym. After you’ve finished broadcasting live, you can save the video and edit it, if needed.
  5. Use Facebook Live during any launch events you might host to capture high-energy portions of the workout as it unfolds.
  6. Tap Facebook Live to film candid, in-the-moment broadcasts of trainers offering tips and demos for using the equipment.
  7. Use an app like Hyperlapse (from Instagram) to film a time-lapse video. For example, the app can “speed up” the motion of people unpacking or installing new equipment so it holds viewers’ attention and creates a dynamic feel. You can share the video on Instagram and Facebook right from the app; save it to your phone’s cameras roll, too, to repurpose it on other social channels.WallBalls_CTA
  8. With apps like Twitter’s Vine or Instagram’s Boomerang, or a website like MakeAGif.com, you can create playful, looping mini-videos, showing a trainer, instructor or members (with their permission) on the equipment.
  9. Write a blog post with exercise ideas or tips on how to get the most out of new equipment.
  10. Tweet out a link to the blog post multiple times. Post the link on Facebook, as well.
  11. Snap high-quality photos of the new equipment in good lighting. Experiment with different angles, including close up to the equipment and with and without people in the shots. Post to your social channels.
  12. With features available through any Facebook Business Page (i.e., fan page) or apps like Adobe Spark, Flipagram or Ripl, you can create a slideshow from photos you already have. With Adobe Spark, you can insert slides with text on them to help tell a story or introduce exercise names and basic cues.
  13. Create an eye-catching infographic, showing pictures or illustrations of three to six exercises that members can try on the new equipment. Encourage members to share. If you have a Pinterest account, be sure to post it there with a link back to your gym’s website or blog. You can easily create free infographics at Canva.com.
  14. Create another infographic with written tips on how to get the most out of the equipment. If you’ve already published a blog post on this topic, simply recycle those same tips in the infographic. Post on appropriate social channels and on your blog.
  15. Run a fun contest, asking members to post their own content along with any hashtags you might want them to use. For example, ask members to post photos or videos of how they like to work out on the new equipment at your gym. Share some member content on your own social channels. This approach can help you build community and gain awareness in new customer networks.

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