Dumbbells on rack

Are you prepared with enough of these everyday items?

Woman Lifting WeightThe busy first quarter is nearly upon us. You’ve prepared for the crowds by staffing up, gearing up and resting up.

Is there anything you’ve forgotten? What about some less flashy but necessary items?

If you’ve overlooked any of these, make sure to get them. The little things can have a big impact on a gym member’s experience.

Storage racks
You don’t want members tripping over free weights or having to navigate around runaway fitness balls. Storage racks eliminate hazards and give your facility an organized, first-class look. They also help address one of the biggest issues that fitness facilities face: organizing and storing their hundreds of items.

Cleaning supplies
With more people coming through your door, everything in your facility is going to get dirtier faster. Having enough cleaning products like Gym Wipes on your closet shelves means your staff can give equipment and surfaces a thorough wipe-down as needed, maintaining a clean and germ-free environment.

Hand sanitizer
Help your members avoid getting sick or passing around germs by keeping plenty of sanitizer on hand in a conspicuous place. Refill or replace dispensers before they get too low.

Resistance products
Replacing worn out resistance bands and tubes lets your members enjoy a fresh start to their exercise classes in the new year, and will help make a great first impression on new members.

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