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Retail Fitness Products at Your Health Club for Elevated Business Success and Customer Satisfaction

Your health club’s success matters to us at ELIVATE, and we want to help you take control of your retail fitness product potential and customer satisfaction.

Why should you focus on retailing at your gym? The 2013 U.S. Health Club Industry survey reported a staggering $22.4 billion dollars in health club revenue. Looks like providing power bars and pedometers can really boost your earnings—and your customer’s appreciation for investing in their fitness goals. Get the retail fitness products your gym needs to win big with customers and your profit with help from ELIVATE.

Your clients ask you to help them perfect their workout techniques, so why wouldn’t you want to spot them when it comes to the newest, best retail fitness products for their routines? Boost customer satisfaction by recommending and carrying equipment accessories that will enhance performance results. You can use retail opportunities to motivate your clients too—27% of people who wore pedometers increased their exercise frequency according to the Journal of American Medical Association. Let your customers know that you’re committed to their fitness by keeping your store well-stocked with the workout gear they need for their best workout results.

Retailing in your health club is an easy way to supplement your own earnings in a serious way. Focused on membership rates as your main income generating? Take Life Time Fitness as a model gym to follow: by concentrating on selling fitness products and accessories alongside programming classes, the powerhouse gym grew their retail fitness product revenue by 12.9% and upped gym membership rates to boot. Follow Life Time’s lead and make visiting your health club a well-rounded consumer experience. You’ve created the best environment for healthy living, but don’t forget to provide fuel-up snacks and cool-down drinks post workout. Your inventory can include toiletry items that patrons may have forgotten to pack for the showers or a spare set of earbuds—anything to make visiting your gym a helpful, pleasant experience on and off the mats.

If you’re not providing your customers with retail opportunities, you be sure that someone else is. Why not stock your store with retail fitness products you believe in, use, and want to recommend as a way to get started? Training doesn’t have to happen only on your health club floor, so team up with ELIVATE and create your retail game plan for customer and business success.

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Fitness Facility Retailing

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