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How To Best Spend $250 On Fitness Equipment

Woman with dumbbell and cell phoneSpring will be here (officially) next week and when a new season rolls around, the saying “out with the old, in with the new” can come to mind.

Whether you haven’t made much progress on a New Year’s Resolution, you simply want to refresh pertinent fitness pieces or add to your already assembled home gym, investing in new workout equipment is always a smart idea.

To help you reach your goals, I’ve put together a list of items that can create a basic cross training circuit without breaking the bank.

Here are several reasonable and versatile items that can refresh your fitness routine and won’t cost you more than $250.

Jump RopesJump Ropes
Jump ropes aren’t just for the elementary school playground! They can be used for all three fundamental foundations of weight management: weight loss, cardiovascular fitness and muscle health. Jump ropes are ideal for outdoor use but if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your schedule, they can be used indoors if space permits. Investing in a variety of sizes and colors can inspire your entire family to have a jump rope competition and you can spend time with one another in a fun (and healthy) way.

CryoDerm Gel and Lotion
A large part of taking care of yourself through exercise is the recovery aspect. Be certain that you address back pain, swelling and spasms by using CryoDerm products. CryoDerm is especially effective when used in combination with chiropractic, massage and other physical therapies and it comes in a plethora of sizes – convenient for both your medicine cabinet and for carrying in your purse.

CryoDerm Pain Relieving Cold Therapy Gel

Lightweight Vinyl Dumbbells
Lightweight vinyl dumbbells will tone and strengthen your muscles without damaging your flooring. Plus, they’re durable, comfortable for your hands, easy to grip and even easier to keep clean. Investing in at least two sets of sizes will help you do different types of workouts and move to an increased weight as you strengthen your muscles.

Resistance Bands and Tubing
If becoming leaner and more flexible is on your wish list, high-quality resistance bands and tubing are exactly what you need. The best part about these products is that they are perfect to use in front of the television or when you are winding down following a long day at the office.

Body Sport Weighted BarsWeighted Bars
Have a living space that’s a little cramped? If you have even a tiny bit of free space in a coat closet or underneath your bed, you have enough space to store weighted bars. They’ll assist you if you wish to build lean body mass and/or gain muscle definition and are perfect no matter your fitness level. Keep in mind, you’ll get the best fitness results when combining cardio and weightlifting. These can be used in a variety of workouts and exercises including strength training, yoga and aerobic routines.

Medicine Balls
Medicine balls, when used correctly, offer you a full workout for your core and your torso, which are two of the most crucial areas in the human muscular system. They’re an essential piece of any sports conditioning or workout goal, as they combine strength training, cardio, flexibility and dynamic muscle training all into one workout.

Exercise Mats
Assure yourself a comfortable workout and purchase an exercise mat. You’ll thank yourself for investing in one – they stay put as opposed to a towel and will prevent slipping. These transition nicely from indoor to outdoor use, too!

Foam Rollers
A quality foam roller will improve posture, build stability and coordination, all while relieving tension and stress! They are a great product for both adults and children and is an all-purpose tool for trainers or someone wanting to get into better shape.

Fitness Ball GroupStability Balls
These are well-known for targeting core muscles essential for stability and good posture. I even see people opting to use a stability ball in lieu of a traditional office chair at work, which always brings a smile to my face! Countless exercises utilize stability balls and multiple sizes are always available based on height and/or method of use.

Of course, if your budget allows, feel free to stock up on additional equipment like a BOSU ball, equipment storage solutions or a Vitamix to help you refuel properly following your workout session.

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