Combo Hitter

How one piece of equipment replaced the heavy bag, speed bag and focus mitts

As a UFC veteran I love to throw powerful punching combinations, but I had a hard time finding a focus mitt holder who loved catching them. There aren’t a lot of people volunteering to be on the receiving end of an UFC punch, even with focus mitts on. I tried heavy bags, when I couldn’t find a focus mitt holder, but they would spin and I occasionally injured myself by hitting it at the wrong angle.

I asked myself why no one had invented a piece of equipment that could do the same things as a heavy bag, a speed bag and focus mitts without a partner. Nothing on the market was durable or realistic, so I invented the Combo Hitter.


The Combo Hitter does the job of focus mitts, a heavy bag and a speed bag with one piece of equipment. It is adjustable in height and tension, so children up to adults can use it safely. In fact, it reduces trauma from a heavy bag by 99%. An athlete can burn three times as many calories using the Combohitter as other apparatuses. The pad always comes back to the same spot, letting the user continue combinations and conditioning without pause.

The Combo Hitter is great in fitness facilities because it takes up no floor space and can be removed from a wall in less than 30 seconds. It’s used across the country for group classes, MMA training, and even with Parkinson’s patients.

Check out this video to see a demonstration of the Combo Hitter by yours truly!

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