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Make your Mark with ELIVATE’s Custom Printing Program

Do you ever host community events with the intent to grow your membership? If your facility outfits a new studio or offers a new set of classes, what do you do to build interest and remind your community to sign up or join your club? Custom printed resistance bands can act as a great marketing tool that’s not only a cost-effective giveaway, but is also a lasting tool that will help you gain new members and more visibility in your community.

Why create an inventory of custom bands for your club? We asked Gareth Emerson, Nutrition in Action Schools Director from the Greater Grand Rapids YMCA what kind of value he saw in ordering custom resistance bands for his community’s center. Emerson has ordered custom bands from ELIVATE for the past 4 years and spoke to us about what roles the bands play in his community outreach programs and conferences.

“I created the Get Active Everyday program for local schoolchildren,” Emerson says, noting that many of the Michigan schools his group works with are on the low-income scale for the state. “In the classrooms, we visit grades K through 5 and teach the children how to take a healthy brain and body break during a school day. At the beginning of the program, we give each child a custom printed band and build exercises they can do to be active in the classroom around the bands.”

In addition to the Get Active Everyday program, Emerson says that he uses the custom bands as door prizes for conferences or training sessions held by the YMCA, community outreach tools in health and fitness seminars, and generally as giveaway fitness tools that inspire community members to engage in healthy, active living.

“It’s great to see how much excitement the bands generate with the kids,” says Emerson when he recalls what it’s like to bring his Get Active Everyday program to a new classroom. “They’re a fun gift that kids enjoy and ask to use once we’ve taught them a few exercises.”

Help your community reach new heights and consider ordering custom printed resistance bands for your club. We can walk you through the order and printing process, along with our in-house design team, to make sure that your message reaches every corner of your community. Click to learn more today.

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