HyperIce Vyper

Why You May Not Be Seeing Progress In Your Fitness Goals

HyperIce VyperYou have been consistent with your workouts, going weekly to the killer cycling class and getting that extra workout in with your trainer. But now it’s Friday, and your body aches and you’re too sore for your next visit to the gym…

It is important to note that without proper recovery we are actually undermining our fitness progress. The time, money, mental and physical effort we invested is no longer valued and we are back at square one.

While standard stretching and regular foam rolling are beneficial, range in motion is still lost. Using the VYPER’s combination of pressure and vibration helps you loosen tired, sore muscles, and GAIN this range of motion back!

If you spend the time on recovery by incorporating the VYPER in combination with your tough workout, we promise you’ll be prepared and ready to again pursue your fitness goals!

HyperIce Vyper

Watch the video below to learn more about the VYPER:

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