Vitamix Ascent

New Product Alert: Introducing Vitamix’s Ascent Series

Though it’s hard to imagine a better blending experience from Vitamix, the engineering and design of the new Ascent series takes whole food chopping, grinding and pureeing to new heights. The brand new line offers smarter technology, more sophisticated controls, improved containers and a sleeker design all without increasing the price.

If you’re already a Vitamix fan, you’ll love the new features and find it an even easier sell for your clients and members full body health. If you’re new to the brand, there’s never been a better time to retail this powerful nutritional tool.

Vitamix Ascent Series

SELF-DETECT™ Container Technology
With new wireless connectivity, Vitamix machines detect a container’s size and adjust blending times accordingly. The machine won’t run without a container in place, so your members won’t have to worry about curious little fingers.

Vitamix TimerTimers
Timers were once a feature reserved for the most expensive Vitamix blenders, but they come standard on both the Ascent 2300 and 2500.

With the timer in control, a busy user can walk away to sort the mail, attend to children, or get ready for work and return to a perfect blend every time.

Vitamix Container
In addition to high tech SELF-DETECT™ technology the Ascent containers feature several low-tech improvements as well. These include an improved spout for a tidier, more efficient pour, and a lid plug that doubles as a measuring cup. Lower profile, clear lids add to the new machines’ sleeker look and they click when they’re closed so the user knows she has a good seal.

The Ascent Series makes Vitamix more suitable for daily use than ever before to ensure full return on your client’s investment. The containers on the new blenders are shorter and wider so the machine fits under cabinets and can be left on the counter. As with previous generations, the new Ascent containers are self-cleaning, but now they are also dishwasher safe.

Vitamix is demonstrating its confidence in its new machines by offering a full 10-year warranty covering all parts, labor and shipping both ways. You can be confident your members won’t need to hassle with a return as less than 1% of Vitamix blenders are sent back.

Tomato SauceNew Technique Cookbook
The new cookbook included with all Ascent series blenders features gorgeous photography and inspiring ideas.

It offers 68 recipes including beverages, sauces, dips, spreads, soups, salads, dressings, batters, doughs, flours, baby foods, and desserts.

What’s the same?
With the same motor and hardened stainless steel blades, you can still count on Vitamix blenders to prepare food to perfection and last three times longer than the competition.

Vitamix Ascent 2300The Ascent 2300

  • Available in black, white, red, and slate
  • Ten speeds for the perfect blend.
  • Digital timer
  • Low profile 64 oz. container
  • Temper included
  • Same price as the previously offered TurboBlend VS


Vitamix Ascent 2500The Ascent 2500

  • Available in black, white, red, and slate
  • Ten speeds for the perfect blend.
  • Three pre-set programs for smoothies, soups, and frozen desserts.
  • Digital timer
  • Low profile 64 oz. container
  • Temper included
  • Less expensive than the previously offered 7500 model


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