Outdoor Friendly Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Friendly Fitness Products

Looking for a way to beat the summertime doldrums? Taking a workout session outside, no matter if it is a one-on-one personal training session or a group exercise class of twenty, can re-energize the attendees and and breathe new life into any routine.

Simply being outdoors can feel more fun and the sunshine can brighten any mood, not to mention the Vitamin D benefits and the fact that nature almost always smells better than an indoor gym!

The key to a successful outdoor routine is the equipment and using it properly. Check out the list below of items that are easy to transport and/or won’t be ruined if left outdoors:

Exercise TubingFitness Tubing
Utilizing tubing with a strength training purpose can pack a punch, that’s for sure! The items are super lightweight and a dozen tubes can fit into a small bag with room to spare.


Wreck BagWreck Bag
The Wreck Bag is a revolutionary, rubber-filled weight bag designed to provide a complete full body workout. Because of its rugged polyethylene outer shell, this durable weighted bag is resistant to both water and mildew. Don’t forget to check out the Wreck Bag Mini, too!




Neoprene Dumbbells
Neoprene dumbbells are rust-resistant and are a great resource when a workout focuses on toning and strengthening muscles.

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Speed HurdlesSpeed Hurdle
Speed hurdles are perfect for those wishing to improve speed, vertical, maneuverability, overall coordination and more — the possibilities are endless! Speed Hurdles are lightweight so they are easy to transport and won’t be impacted by outdoor elements.



Slam BallsSlam Ball - 25lb
Slam balls are fantastic for using on outdoor surfaces like a cement sidewalk, a parking lot or grassy areas. Unlike traditional exercise balls, slam balls don’t bounce, so attendees will utilize more muscles retrieving the ball from the ground.


Agility LadderQuick Ladder
Just like fitness tubing, agility ladders are as lightweight as can be and are a positive way for members to stay on track, even in bad weather. If conditions are wet, don’t worry — key pieces are in place keep the ladder from slipping and sliding.


Looking for a way to link all of these items together? Create a circuit using each element for a complete workout!

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