Storage Solutions for Your Fitness Facility

Preparing For the New Year and New Members With The Right Storage Solutions

Every owner of a health club, fitness center or gym in America knows what’s coming. As the days in December tick away into the New Year, new members and clients will flood gyms on Jan. 1 because “this is the year they get themselves in shape.”

In 2014, Facebook tracked the number of check-ins for the month of January, where almost four million people told the world they were back at the gym. According to The Wall Street Journal, this was a 50 percent increase over the previous month. Of course, this number went down in February, but the fact remains that owners need to be ready for this influx of foot traffic in January 2016.

With so many new people using your facility and equipment, it’s important to be organized. For starters, you want to keep your club looking neat and fresh for new and current members. Not only does it project the image of professionalism and success, it helps clients find the right equipment when they want to use it. For instance, you can keep exercise mats in order while maximizing space in your yoga studio with a portable mat rack or stack your BOSU balls neatly in the corner for everyone to find.

There are two ways you can achieve this nirvana of organization: floor racks and wall racks. Floor racks, like the ones for ever-popular BOSU Pro Balance Trainer, are great for easy set up and maneuverability, allowing you to use equipment in any area of your fitness center. However, with the wall-mounted rack, you allow yourself extra floor space for classes and training, and it keeps your studio looking sharp and organized.

You could also consider buying new equipment that takes up less space but still allows you the full gamut of strength and resistance training. The TRX Suspension Trainer gives clients a complete body workout and easily fits into a small carrying bag for easy storage. Another great example of self-organizing equipment is a set of plyometric boxes. They are perfect for HIIT cardio sessions and plyometric routines, and because a set features different sizes, they are stackable for space-saving storage.

Keeping organized can also be a point of safety for your members. Leaving equipment unattended and lying around the gym can lead to serious injury, especially if older clients trip and fall. While this is usually avoidable by responsible use by members, it can also result from a lack of storage. If your gym has a proper rack for dumbbells, they are less likely to end up on the floor for someone’s foot to find by accident. Not only does it keep your client base safe, but it also lessens the chances that a member has an unpleasant experience in your facility.

Take a cue from your members and put your best foot forward in 2016. Prepare for the rise in attendance by having the proper equipment and storage. If people stop coming to your gym after the second week in January, it shouldn’t be the result of your facility being messy and unsafe. Even if members don’t keep up their end, make it your New Year’s resolution to keep your facility organized, clean and member-friendly by implementing new equipment storage solutions.

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