Relax at Work with the HyperIce VENOM

Relax at Work?

Chances are, you have experienced back pain throughout your life. This trend continues to be on the rise. There are several factors and causes as to why you experience back pain. However, a common factor is simply poor posture while sitting and standing.

“Sitting in the new smoking” is what everyone seems to be calling it. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to break this inactive habit. Initial signs include a hunched over back, neck pain from staring down at your computer screen, or the lower back pain from exaggerating the natural curve in your back.

There are various solutions to prevent and soothe back pain some of which can include specialized mobility movements, ergonomic workstations and even standing desks.

HyperIce VENOM

But here at Hyperice HQ we have taken it to the next level – our latest product, The VENOM, has become the ultimate back pain mystery problem solver. The VENOM’s combination of heat and vibration helps to soothe the onset of back pain. The plush neoprene material allows you to customize the fit, providing more support. The standard tips however still apply…..Be conscious about your posture, and get up every hour to move around, but while you are working, the VENOM allows you continue on with your day. Talk about multitasking at its finest!

Watch how simple the VENOM is to use. You’ll be the buzz around the office!


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