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Three Reasons Why New Equipment Breathes New Life into Existing Fitness Programs

Sometimes all it takes to breathe new life into a group fitness or personal training program is new exercise equipment. There’s no need to outfit the whole gym with loads of big-ticket items either—even a few additional and budget-friendly pieces can make a positive difference. Here are three ways to elevate your game by incorporating a few strategic purchases into your programming for 2017.

Body Sport Yoga MatShow You’re Competitive in Your Community
When people go shopping for a gym or training studio to join, they usually size up and compare multiple factors between locations, including what services and programs might be most beneficial to them. Think about what equipment your typical clientele would be most drawn to. How well is that equipment represented in your facility?

For example, if you want to capture the attention of athletes in your community, having a sufficient supply of athletic-based tools like cones and plyo boxes shows you’re serious about athletic training that’s current and varied. Maybe yoga is a growing selling point for your facility—stocking up on the right yoga accessories could help position you as more competitive in your local market.

Attract Top Trainers (and Their Clients) to Your Gym
In addition to attracting new clients with your exciting equipment choices, you might also gain recognition from your community’s best trainers and instructors. Chances are, they want to work in a well-stocked and modern exercise environment. While any good trainer or instructor can create a strong program from just the basics, it’s more fun, rewarding and inspiring to have multiple options at your disposal, especially if they reflect progressive programming and interesting trends. One way to retain and attract top talent as employees or contractors is to stay in stride with the fitness industry’s most recommended programs and equipment.

Expand Group Programming Possibilities
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Not every facility can stock a group fitness studio with dozens of new workout tools—space and budget are obvious considerations. Many facilities that run small group trainings don’t have a designated group fitness studio anyway. Still, group participants seek new challenges and diversity in their classes and training sessions. With a little creativity, and a handful of new equipment items, you can easily meet these demands.

One approach is to set up “hybrid” classes or group training, which means participants work out with two or three different pieces of equipment during the course of one class. With a hybrid class, you only need half, or even a third, of the equipment you’d normally need if every person were using the same equipment at the same time. For example, instead of just a suspension-training class, you might offer a hybrid suspension/weight-lifting class where half the group uses suspension devices while the other half works out with dumbbells. The goal is for everyone to have swapped equipment by the end of the workout.

Circuit workouts are another option. They provide the perfect opportunity to introduce new equipment in small doses. In a circuit with multiple stations, you might only need one or two new items to go with equipment you already have. For example, you could add a station with new gliding discs or medicine balls alongside stations with dumbbells, resistance bands and steps.

It doesn’t take much to breathe new life into your existing offerings. Now is the time to initiate 2017 equipment upgrades for your facility and clients.

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