Unique Training Tools: Expand Your Mind and Your Clients’ Results

Unique Training Tools: Expand Your Mind and Your Clients’ Results

As more and more gyms open each day, there is some serious competition to attract new members/personal training clients and retain current ones. Some of the answers may be closer than you think. Recruitment and retention can be as simple as implementing some unusual tools to provide new challenges and spark curiosity.

Let’s start with the Kamagon and the Surge. These two products use water to create Hydro-Inertia® or unstable resistance and moving mass (sloshing water) within a mass (the product itself). Battling the instability throughout a full range of motion in routines engages the entire body in ways that just aren’t possible with traditional weighted products. Exercises with the Kamagon and Surge are especially effective because they mimic everyday activities such as playing with kids, grandkids or pets. You’ve probably noticed, when you pick them up, they are not static weight!


Sandbags are another unique product. Since the sand shifts, its form alters as you lift it. As with water in the products above, the instability makes the exercise exponentially more challenging. Old lifts become new and the possibilities are virtually endless.

Think outside the box to show members and clients you’re up to speed on the latest trends. It’s a great way to break away from the rest of the field in the very crowded fitness industry.

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