Why Acute Injuries Turn Chronic and What You Can Do About It!

EndFlame Musculoskeletal Injury Support Protocol

If there’s one condition healthcare professionals want to master, it’s how to prevent acute musculoskeletal injuries from turning chronic.

Dr. Dixit, a professor at Yale University School of Medicine who does research on musculoskeletal inflammation, states the number one cause of chronic inflammation is the incorrect treatment of acute inflammation in musculoskeletal cases.

As a chiropractor who owned and operated four clinics for over 20 years, musculoskeletal inflammation was the number one condition I treated every day.

If you’re not using a musculoskeletal injury protocol in your Chiropractic, PT, Massage, Fitness or Spa facility like the . . .


  • Patient-administered
  • At-home
  • Finger-stick
  • Blood spot test . . .

to determine the presence and amount of inflammation . . .

and then recommending a nutritional treatment protocol to support inflammation, you’re missing a huge opportunity to help your clients.

EndFlame is a reliable cell inflammation blood test that lets you measure and then treat chronic inflammation. The EndFlame test is a product that can let you know for certain if your patient is suffering from an Omega-3 deficiency, a condition indicating the presence of chronic inflammation.

Patients collect their own sample at home and use the pre-paid mailer to send it to the lab. You’ll receive the results by email, along with a personalized recommendation on how to improve their score.

In this 13-minute training webinar, I include powerful published research and scientific medical references in an easy-to-understand format, that makes it simple to learn why acute inflammation turns chronic and how to treat it if it does.

On the video, you’ll learn:

  1. As a health and fitness professional that deals with musculoskeletal issues, how using a breakthrough blood spot test for Omega-3 deficiency is crucial for reducing inflammation, preventing scar tissue formation, and stopping acute injuries from turning chronic.
  2. Why researchers at Yale University School of Medicine suggest many doctors struggle to understand that chronic inflammation from musculoskeletal injuries is due to the connection between the immune system and metabolism.
  3. Why it’s likely that if you’re in North America, most of the musculoskeletal injury clients you see are Omega-3 deficient and what they can do about it.

And Much More…

Order an Endflame kit today and find out your personal inflammation score.

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