How to create extra revenue with retail

We all know that selling retail products can be a great additional value to offer clients and an extra source revenue, but how can we be successful if clients can get the same (or similar) products online? Below are some helpful insights successful companies use to win over customers, without relying on having to discount the products you offer to generate sales.

1) The majority of purchases are impulse buys.

According to research, most purchases are unplanned ‘impulse buys’. That’s why the presentation of your product is so crucial to successful selling. Display your items in a way that encourages clients to imagine using them, and provide clients with information on how they work. Position the products in areas where clients spend time – such as your lobby or entrance – and let them feel, touch and experience them.

Did you know that one key performance indicator for eCommerce companies is the amount of time consumers spend on their sites? Imagine what they’d give for consumers like yours, people who’ve voluntarily committed to spending time in your facility. Why not make the most of your access to this captive audience by providing retail opportunities that are fun for them – and profitable for you?

2) Don’t win with price, win with service!

Unless you sell huge quantities, it will be hard to compete with price. Instead, compete with service! Add free exercise programs or informational handouts to product purchases. For example, provide everyone who buys a foam roller with free access to a digital exercise program for 6 weeks. Or offer a free injury risk assessment for clients with aches and pains.

3) Bundle products and services.

Adding products to service packages can make it more tempting for clients to commit to them. It’s better to add a piece of equipment or a virtual exercise program than to discount any of your services when selling packages. Clients tend to perceive add-ons more positively than they do discounts, and add-ons won’t cut into your service margins either.

4) Sell solutions, not products.

Instead of just selling a piece of equipment or a single service, help your clients maximize their fitness success by combining products and services that work in conjunction as a solution for a specific condition or injury risk. These could include programs that complement each other, such as exercise and stretching or yoga with tools that patients can use for home exercise programs. Use your knowledge to help clients try out and use products that will help them in the long run by framing them as meaningful packages, such as a ‘back pain prevention’ or ‘running injury’ pack.

5) Add a service to a product purchase

Do you want to create awareness for a new service offering? Add a free trial as your ‘gift-with-purchase’ when someone buys a specific product. Are you trying to fill your new mobility or back pain prevention morning class? Tie it to purchases that exceed a certain price threshold or with products that patients might use in that class, such as a yoga mat or mobility ball.

One great way to win with service and add value would be to give your clients access to your at-home active care and rehab exercises.

Try a no-risk, 30-day subscription to WebExercises to learn how you can offer you personalized protocols to clients via their phone or other mobile devices when they’re at home or on the road.

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