Help clients get fit…and promote your business at the same time

Some of the best exercises you can incorporate into your clients programming ­– or share with prospective new members at a marketing event or race– require simple, inexpensive pieces of equipment, which can often provide very challenging workouts.

Exercise bands are a great example of a low cost, low-tech tool to help your clients create stability and strength while improving overall fitness – without having to lift heavy weights or put increased stress or strain on the body.

And now you can label exercise bands (along with other equipment) with your logo.

Can this little band really help?

Yes! Whether you’re…

  • wrapping a band around your clients knees during a bridge to help with glute activation
  • using a band for upper body postural exercises to fire intrinsic, postural stabilizers
  • helping to create proprioceptive awareness through cuing to reduce knee valgus while performing a single leg squat
  • mobilization/range of motion movements to reduce risk of injury or improve performance
  • or helping a client’s rehab from a knee or shoulder condition

…exercise bands can be added to almost any routine as a starting point or a progression to facilitate strength, stability and fitness.


Bands come in numerous resistance levels – from very easy to more difficult. If you’ve ever done a workout with a band, you know that they can be deceptively intense, depending on how they’re being used.

Make sure they remember you and your business

Logo’d bands are a great low-cost and functional way to create brand awareness and promote fitness and flexibility, along with health and wellness.

  • Give one to every new client
  • Throw them in a swag bag at a marketing event or race
  • Tell existing clients to give a band to someone they know who is trying to get in shape

ELIVATE can also customize these bands with a very small minimum order quantity (50 bands). So if you use bands with your clients or when you’re out working events….why not brand your bands?

As we all know with any business, but especially in the health and fitness world, it’s important to stand out and remind people who you are and what you offer. So if your product is exercise and health, don’t just logo a t-shirt or a water bottle, towel, or pen, etc. Fitness bands are a more cost-effective way of marketing your business with something a client can continuously use to help reach their health and fitness goals.

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