HyperIce Partners with eSports to Improve Athlete Recovery

SF Shock Team owned by NRG eSports is entering their third season in the professional Overwatch League. In preparation for what will be the toughest competition yet, the SF Shock Team geared up with HyperIce to optimize their athletic performance this season.

HyperIce is proud to announce the first-ever eSports athlete recovery/health tech partnership worldwide with eSports powerhouse NRG and the Overwatch League’s San Francisco Shock.

As part of this partnership, HyperIce will provide the SF Shock with our innovative recovery and mobility devices and develop gamer-specific protocols to enhance and maintain players’ well-being. We have also installed the first-ever HyperIce eSports Wellness Pod at the Shock’s Los Angeles-based house. This partnership advances our mission to drive and lead a technology-based health and wellness movement within eSports.

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