Myths Around Hydration, Dehydration and Common Electrolyte Formulas

In this video, I dispel common myths of hydration and dehydration. Those states are sometimes misunderstood by our patients. Hydration should not just be defined by simply having plenty of water or not enough.

I discuss water’s function in the body, not just its presence.

I also explain how electrolytes help in this process so that you can perform at your highest potential, but there’s more to know about electrolytes than just what’s included in the standard hydration drink.

Oral I.V.


“I drank one ORAL I.V. every 2 hours during the brutal Spartan Ultra Beast World Championships. I also slammed one before the race, and even one after my post-race indulgence in multiple glasses of wine. My body was hydrated to the max the entire time. No electrolytes, no salts, nothing but chia seeds and ORAL I.V. and it worked like a charm.

I cant recommend this stuff enough!”



According to doctors and scientists, and particularly Dr Pollack, University of Washington Professor of Bioengineering, structured water is a major key to cellular hydration and consequently our health. He has been researching the properties of water in the body for over 15 years.


Dehydration is the worst. From muscle cramping during a race, to a heavy head and fatigue after a long flight or big night, it’s just not your friend. But hydration isn’t as simple as a couple of glasses of water and hit go, especially for people who are constantly in motion. We’ve all been educated about the importance of rehydration and replacement with electrolyte drinks—which may work for you if you are sweating a lot—but at ORAL I.V. we know there’s a really big step many people are missing: the activation of water in the first place.


ORAL I.V. only contains trace minerals + structured water. No sugar, no chemicals, no additives, no stimulants, and zero calories. It’s raw, organic, and as natural as natural can be. We focus on only the smallest and right amounts of Sodium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Potassium, Selenium, Chromium, Silicon, and a blend of other natural trace minerals that the body requires to trigger its hydration processes.

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