What Supplement Makes the Most Sense for a Trainer or Gym?

One Solution Would Be A Patented & Natural COX-2 Inhibitor!

Relief FIRST Musculoskeletal Injury Support Protocol

As a former owner of four busy clinics that dealt exclusively with musculoskeletal injuries and a current formulator of nutritional products, I’m often asked by trainers if they should offer a nutritional supplement in their gym.

My answer is if the supplement can effectively reduce pain, shorten healing times, and improve long-term outcomes, why not!

To provide a complete scientific and researched response, let me show you exactly what you need to know to offer Relief FIRST, a four-way patented natural COX-2 inhibitor supplement to patients with musculoskeletal injuries.

Click on the VIDEO link below and in only five minutes you’ll learn the NEWEST and BEST strategy for offering an alternative for OTC pain meds that’s needed in today’s chronic inflammation environment.

On the video, you’ll learn:

  1. As a trainer that deals with musculoskeletal issues every day, how to use a nutraceutical that is so unique, the ingredients are protected by four U.S. patents.
  2. Why the CDC and other major health organizations have affirmed that non-pharmacological therapy can be effective in managing pain.
  3. Why many trainers feel it’s time to look beyond OTC drugs to options such as Training interventions in concert with a natural nutritional supplement that supports pain at its source.
  4. And much more . . .

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