Zombie Cells – That Just Won’t Die

Immortality might not be as much fun as it sounds – especially when it comes to your cells. Zombie cells (or senescent cells, as they’re more properly called) are cells that have ceased to divide. Normally, a healthy cell has a limit to how many times it can divide and replicate itself; this cellular crossroads is often referred to as the Hayflick limitor Hayflick phenomenon, and is a direct consequence of the fact the each time a cell replicates, the telomeres (ends of the chromosomes in your cells) shorten a bit, causing a slight mutation in the cell’s DNA.

As a parallel to illustrate that concept, imagine taking a beautiful painting, and making a photocopy. Then, you take the copy, and use it to make more copies. No matter how high the resolution and how careful you are to match up the edges, there will always be slight imperfections. As you continue to make copies, those flaws build on each other, imperfections are magnified, and before long, the picture may bear little or no resemblance to the original painting.

Now back to the zombie cells. Again, these are cells that have reached their divisional limits. Under healthy circumstances, most cells that can no longer divide would “choose” to die, but there are fractions of cells in each of us that choose not to. And although they can no longer divide, they still remain metabolically active – they still “eat,” respirate, and interact with other cells.

That last part is especially problematic, especially since these cells tend to build up over time. Being that these zombies are not dying and are not being metabolized and secreted as waste material (like a healthy cell that has completed its cycle), they have nowhere to go and nothing to do, so they just kind of hang around, and become more and more of a nuisance as we age.

Now, the question one might ask is “What’s the big deal?  I didn’t even know these things existed, and they aren’t bothering me…why should I care?”

Great question!

In addition to interfering with healthy communication and function of healthy cells around them, Zombie cells have the nasty habit of secreting and signaling production (sometimes in healthy cells) of pro-inflammatory proteins and signaling enzymes (such as cytokines and proteases to signal a pro-inflammatory reaction). This is why zombie cells are being theorized to have a causal and/or corollary relationship to cellular and organic aging.

To test this hypothesis, studies were recently conducted on laboratory mice. At the cellular level, zombie cells found in these elderly mice were targeted and eliminated. The effect was these mice were observed to have notably improved grip strength, endurance on a treadmill, and overall longevity. Conversely, when younger mice were injected with these cells, these rubrics noticeably and consistently degraded.

So what can you do about it?

  • Address the inflammation –Seeking to address the cellular and systemic causes of inflammation can help to offset the accelerating aging caused/aggravated by zombies.
    • Enzymes –Proteolytic enzymes have natural inflammation support faculties, and may help the body to counter the pro-inflammatory proteins and signaling enzymes released by zombie cells.
    • Turmeric/Curcumin – Herbal option to help promote a positive, anti-inflammatory response.
  • Promote cell health –Healthy cells not only have more resistance to “negative” signals from zombies, but also tend to more consistently and effectively more through a healthy cell cycle, and at the end of the cycle, are easier for the body’s immune system to “sweep” and dispose of.
    • Antioxidants –Helping to neutralize cellular oxidation promotes cell health and helps to reduce oxidative damage.
    • Polyphenols –The “healthy” stuff from green foods like fruits and vegetables. Polyphenols can help promote a pro-alkaline/anti-acidic state in the body, and make it easier for the body to metabolize stagnant cellular material and overcome damage.

  • Omegas –Making sure that the Omega-3 Index and Omega 6:Omega 3 ratios are healthy and adequate means cells will be more resistant to “going zombie,” will be easier to metabolize after they have run their cycle, and will resist the pro-inflammatory signals secreted by zombie cells.
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  • Promote a healthy immune system –In addition to eliminating harmful pathogens and intruders, your immune system is a cleanup crew – it is designed to “sweep” dead, damaged and/or dysfunctional cellular and waste materials.

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