June Workout of the Month

June’s workout of the month features one of our newest products, the 3ACT Slide! The 3ACT Slide reinvents the idea of a traditional linear slideboard in a functional, fun, easy-to-use tool for all fitness levels.

Perform each exercise for :35 seconds with :15 seconds of rest in between. Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 mins.

Do not lift your feet off the 3ACT Slide Board – Use your abs to slide your feet up and down the board.

Slide your hands out and in and lower your body when your hands are wide. For the modified version, drop to your knees.

Slide horizontally across the board activating your shoulders with a shoulder press.

Slide horizontally across the board, sliding your outside foot around the block behind you.

Using dumbbells for support, slide your heels forward and back working the triceps.

Slide your feet out to squat and slide your feet back to standing.

Slide horizontally across the board, swinging the body bar side-to-side.

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