How to Maintain Your Member Retention During the Summer Months

How to Maintain Your Member Retention During the Summer Months

Summer means school is out and vacations are planned — your member retention doesn’t have to suffer while your members have a lot going on. We’ve outlined several family friendly options to help you meet your goals:

People at a picnicSocial Events
Building a community is an important piece to building a culture in a gym or facility — it’s what keeps people returning! Creating a family fun night or a member appreciation barbecue (with healthy options on the grill!) will remind clients why they chose your facility over your competition. Each memory made on site will allow them to justify their monthly dues and give them one more opportunity to talk about your gym on their social media pages.

Outdoor Classes/Seminars
Take yoga, bootcamps and personal training sessions outside when able. A change of scenery will reinvigorate your members and give them a dose of Vitamin D while different challenges will help refresh them mentally and physically. Don’t forget about other opportunities in your community like a group 5K or a mud run that will help your members bond with one another. Building your culture while building your brand is priceless!

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Woman and Man in Gym Celebrating with High FiveRun a Challenge
Do you have a member with a desire to get stronger? Or maybe someone wants to lose weight for an upcoming wedding? Coordinating a challenge where men and women set expectations, monitor nutrition and count how many classes they attend is a way to recognize those who succeed. Awarding free swag, a social media mention or simply a high-five to outstanding participants will go a long way and will get people talking organically about your facility.

Social Media
Social media is the best way to reach the most people! Make a free event page to promote all that’s mentioned above (like outdoor classes and challenges) to help spread word of your brand and spotlight what sets you apart. The more videos and images, the better! Don’t be afraid to ask clients to share their memories from all your events, too — they have a unique network filled with potential members!

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