2016 Year In Review

Elivate’s 2016 Recap

pink kettlebellElivate had a lot of success in 2016 – we welcomed many new staff members at our headquarters and helped spread word of fitness trends through this very blog. We also increased our selection of products and met new clients along the way…what could be better than that?

We’ve heard positive feedback on our posts and you’ve let us know how certain articles opened your eyes to new trends in our industry.

We thought we’d be of assistance and recap our ten favorite blogs from 2016 written by our amazing contributors. The articles might be new to you, but even if they’re not, you’ll certainly get a new perspective by re-reading them today!

Brett Klika FitQuest Performance Center CSCSSample Strength Training Workout: The Wreck Bag Fat-Wrecker
Brett Klika provides a workout routine for a popular new functional fitness product. You’ll be adding a Wreck Bag to your wish list if you don’t own one (or three!) already.


Nino Magaddino NASM Master TrainerTraining Unique Clients: Not Your Everyday Training Population for the Fitness Professional
Nino Magaddino discusses his experience working with clients recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. Discover why Nino says part of being a great trainer is to be prepared when working with specialty groups.


Jennifer Noll CA NASM Master TrainerThe Importance of Pre-hab and Why You Should Be Doing It with Your Clients
Jennifer Noll introduces the concept of pre-hab and provides exercises to prevent injury and prepare clients for upcoming surgeries. Find out more about the phenomenon of pre-hab and why it is gaining momentum.


Jimmy Mackey Professional Basketball Personal Trainer NASM Master TrainerContinuing Education Opportunities for Trainers – Which Do You Take?
Jimmy Mackey helps personal trainers evaluate their options. Learn why professional development is important for those in our industry.


Aaron Brock Head Athletic Trainer Mens USA VolleyballI Don’t Travel Lightly
Aaron Brock shares his packing list and other insider info from his experience on the road with the Men’s National Volleyball Team. See what’s on Aaron’s comprehensive packing list!


Carrie Myers Personal Trainer Fitness StudioSix Yoga Poses You Should Add to Your Clients’ Workouts
Carrie Myers shares easy exercises to give your clients a well-rounded training session. A must read for yogis, trainers or general fitness enthusiasts!


Lori Harrison ELIVATE Fitness Personal TrainerFitness Myths Busted
Lori Harrison reminds trainers of three myths that might be leading their clients astray. See how Lori sets things straight!


Dr. Emily SplichalAre you barefoot with a purpose? The science behind intentional foot activation
Dr. Emily Splichal discusses exercising with bare feet. Barefoot running is a topic that impacts trainers, distance runners and athletes of any age.


Amanda Vogel Fitness Professional IDEA WorldThree Reasons Why New Equipment Breathes New Life into Existing Fitness Programs
Amanda Vogel explains how to stay competitive and expand group programming. If you feel your fitness programs are a little stale, this will hit home for you.


Meagan McBain, Fitness Industry Professional and Personal TrainerFive Ways to Stay Top-of-Mind and Provide Value Between Training Sessions
Meagan McBain offers tips for client retention. Click the link above to learn how to better communicate with your clients and, in turn, build a loyal following.

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