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Hurley Athletes Surf Past Muscle Fatigue with ELIVATE

The best professional surfers in the world competed in the World Surf League’s Championship Tour, following a grueling schedule of 11 contests spanning from late February to early December. The Hurley surfers have consistently performed on the world’s biggest stage, facing the toughest of competition along with extreme and unforgiving waves. To keep their surfers mobile, stable and strong, the health professionals of the Hurley Performance Team, led by Dr. Tim Brown, have turned to ELIVATE for the best performance and recovery gear we have to offer.

muscle recovery productsELIVATE has provided the Men’s and Women’s Hurley Performance Teams with all the tools they need to ensure excellent surfing and quick recovery from heat to heat during their 9-month tour. To prepare for 20-foot waves, a demanding training schedule and intense competition, ELIVATE has provided equipment that the Hurley athletes need for complete pre-hab and recovery programs. Athletes need the right mobility tools and athletic support to both prepare muscles for injury prevention and maximum performance and to soothe sore muscles post-workout to get ready for the next big wave. The Hurley team has been using the Body Sport Stretch Strap before and after their training to introduce dynamic stretches into a workout and improve range of motion. Check out Filipe Toledo using the stretch strap above to loosen quad and hamstring muscles:

Post training, the athletes use the Tiger Tail hand held foam roller to relieve muscle knots and stiffness, ensuring they will be ready for their next competition or training session. The surfers also use lacrosse balls to roll out their fascia on the bottom of their feet, which spans the length of the entire body. When intense recovery is needed, Dr. Brown brings out the VYPER vibrating foam roller, which injects high frequency vibration into muscles to promote blood flow and ultimate myofascial release.

muscle recovery products

After working tirelessly with the specialists who make up Hurley’s medical team, ELIVATE has become an integral part of the Hurley athlete’s recipe for success. The Hurley surf team is setting an example for elite athletes across all disciplines with their focus on complete training, focusing on both pre and post-workout solutions. This model prevents injury and improves performance, allowing the athletes to push themselves day after day with measured success. With 5 Hurley surfers ranked in the top ten for both males and females, make sure to see what’s in store for the team in the Billabong Pro Tahiti this weekend. We’ll be cheering them on throughout the competition!

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