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The 2016 Food Revolution: Are You Ready?

Why now? Well, we are in the mist of a food revolution! There is too much disease and the demand is for science to look at a cure, not the cause. The food we eat is overfed, leaching the nutrients, often full of pesticides, hormones and more. We as a population are overeating (obesity & diabetes are at record levels). The big food industries answer is to modify food to feed our population. The modified food is full of artificial sugar, preservatives, resistant starch (not indigestible), synthetic pesticides, hormones and more. And we are not eating the proper fats (coconut & olive oil) to lubricate us against sugar and feed our brain which is 60% Omega – 3 fat.

Our population likes the quick fix for heartburn and instant gratification at all costs, driving the drug companies. The pharmaceutical companies are making such strong drugs with so many side effects. Or at least they call them side effects. Better said, they are just another effect of the drug and should be touted as such.

We are seeing more resistant starch in ingredients, defined as indigestible. Resistant starch is meant to be a plants protective mechanisms, consisting of essentially specialty formed proteins that are toxic to us. They can increase gut permeability causing irritation to the intestine wall, increasing inflammation. With this, there is a potential of undigested food or fecal matter getting in your bloodstream. Of course scientists are getting so good, they are marketing it as benefit. Plus, they can duplicate anything and have made a synthetic version of every vitamin supplement.

In regards to our health as a whole, the answer we have been told over the years, is to eat less food and fat to lose weight. Most think that the fat we eat ends up stored as fat on your body, has more calories than carbs or protein and clogs your arteries (especially saturated fats). This is true with bad fats, however, when you eat good fat (oils; avocado, coconut, olive oil) and good saturated fat (wild raised), it actually raises these good types of LDL, lowers the triglycerides, raises the HDL and good cholesterol…which is overall positive.

All the sugar and starch are actually leaching us of nutrients, driving obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and dementia.

When you eat sugar, it increases a hormone called “insulin.” Insulin, in excess, is a very dangerous hormone, essentially a fertilizer for your fat cells. It increases fat storage in your fat cells. It decreases your metabolism, increases your hunger (constantly eating to keep blood sugar up) and makes you crash hard and tired. This metabolically active stored fat is leading to insulin resistance and diabetes. As you age (40+), you can get a fatty liver that will often show up as white spots on your skin or inflammation. In excess, men’s testosterone and sex drive goes down. Excess for woman can lead to depression, abnormal hormones, facial hair and loss of hair on your head.

Spiking and crashing our insulin with sugar is simply the biggest driver of aging. Our bodies just don’t know what to do with sugar so they store it as fat. Dr. Mark Hyman (drhyman.com) says, “there are over 255 sugars, with the average person eating about 152 pounds per year, 146 pounds of flour per year, totaling about a pound a day of flour and sugar. The average American eats 2.5 pounds of chemicals a year; Antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, preservatives, dyes, MSG, artificial sweeteners, Franken-chemicals.” The wheat from the EU is not modified or tainted with all those foreign sustenance’s and thus people normally with wheat challenges are able to consume their wheat without the typical negative effects. Our bodies can only combat so much.

Remember, you buffer all this through good fat. When you eat good fat, you can even out the insulin level, preventing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia and most other intake challenges. Good fat will actually stimulate metabolism, cut your hunger and when pairing the proper foods, increase fat burning. The good fat oils are essential for proper brain function.

The fat that should be avoided are the trans fats. These are still hidden in our food supply today, so read the ingredient. Avoid hydrogenated fat, as it has been ruled as “not safe to eat” by the government agency, the FDA now. This is a “non GRAS,” or a, “not Generally Regarded As Safe to eat substance.” It’s going to take years, to get it out of the food supply, but we can start by our purchase power choices.

The food industry in the US will go through a major shift in the next decade. We will see better transparency in labeling of non-GMO and organic. The world is yearning for cleaner food, supplements and products with nothing artificial in them. We can expedite this transition to cleaner food through simply what we buy for our kids and ourselves. When we get back to sweets as a treat after dinner only, our bodies will start to thank us with vitality.

There are far to many diets that are unsustainable. Bliss Intake is one of the lifestyle, un-diets that really works! It is a clean food pairing guide to burn fat (not sugar) as a primary fuel source for weight loss, energy and longevity. You will quickly see how amazing it feels eliminating processed carbs and feeding your body and soul with real whole foods.

Beneficial Combinations for Breakfast and Snacks:                                     

  • Plant Protein Isolate (or Whey if not allergic) & Berries
  • Bacon & Eggs (Free Range)
  • Beans & Eggs
  • Steak (Wild, Grass Fed) & Eggs
  • Beans & Rice (separate fat, sugar and starch)

Sugar Fuel Combinations to Avoid:

  • Cereal & Sugar
  • Nuts & Raisins
  • Cream & Sugar
  • Bread & Butter

Following Bliss Intake will be your first step toward shifting this space. We are now too aware and science is too good at modifying food. It is in our and our future generations best interest to make the shift with this revolution today! Go to BlissIntake.com for the program that will be the start of changing our lives now and for generations to come.

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