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March is National Nutrition Month and we’re looking at NutriForce Sports supplements as a spotlight brand for your clients. Whether they’re interested in a protein powder or a pre- or post-workout supplement, NutriForce Sports provides high-quality, easy to consume products that enhance member performance and recovery. Popular with different strength, condition and functional fitness members, NutriForce hosts a stable of impressive athletes and trainers who rely on the nutritional line.

Strongman Coach Rob Orlando says of the brand: “If you had asked me 5 weeks ago if I would ever consider going into the Masters for the CF Games I would have told you that you’re nuts.  Between my crazy hours, travel schedule, and recurring injuries it was completely off the table.  I wrote to a friend of mine last Saturday 1/30 — “This was the single best week of training that I’ve had in over 2 years.”  I wrote to that same friend on 2/2 — “If I keep feeling this good I may just give the Masters a shot.” I’m not doing anything different other than supplementation.  Volume is the same or higher than before.  I’m able to do movements, like strict ring muscle ups, that I haven’t done in 2 years due to injury.  I’ve PR’d metcons and strength movements all in the last few weeks.  Masters is a possibility at this point and that is simply mind-blowing considering how I felt just a month ago.”

Interested in trying NutriForce for yourself or for clients? Here are a few of the supplements we offer:

NutriForce Sports Balanced HydrationBalanced Hydration

Want to help members find a substitute for traditional sports drinks? Finding another drink that contains less sugar but still provides electrolytes can be tricky. Balanced Hydration is a powder that delivers electrolytes and promotes water absorption. This is great for your member that carries around a water bottle all day, or even for the member who aspires to stay hydrated.


NutriForce Sports NutriWHEY Protein NutriWHEY Protein Powder

Sure, there a quite a few protein powders on the market – but NutriForce’s NutriWHEY boasts a rapid digestion time, so members can begin the restorative recovery process immediately following a workout. There’s no sense in using a protein powder that’s hard to digest and absorb, which is why members will experience a different with NutriWHEY. The absorption rate is one of the top performers in the market. It doesn’t hurt that the powder itself tastes delicious and is easy to fold into a shake, water, milk or other liquid or choice.

NutriForce WOD Pak Daily Vitamins

WOD Pak Daily Vitamins

It can be challenging for a member to make healthy changes by adding supplements to his or her daily diet. For members interested in a complete vitamin spectrum, the daily WOD Pak is a great place to start. Each individual pack contains 5 supplements that work hard to enhance healthy living and support overall body function. Inside each pack is a fish oil (OmegaFort quadruple strength), vitamin D, complete multivitamin, Richberry antioxidant and vegetable compound, as well as a mineral supplement containing calcium, magnesium and zinc. For any member involved in HIIT training, this is a great combination to try.

More testimonials from fitness professionals about NutriForce:

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