Having a Positive Relationship with Health and Wellness

A Positive Relationship with Health and Wellness

It’s no secret that as Americans, we often overspend, overeat and work more hours compared to those living in other countries. While exercising is (obviously) an extremely healthy habit, we can sometimes over-do that, too. We all know people who make working out a top priority, but you don’t want to see your clients burning themselves out when it comes to being active. Share the tips below with your clients to assist them in their health and wellness journey:

Young Woman Working Out With Weights At The Gym1 – Pace Yourself
Have a gym member who is really, really into a cardio kickboxing class offered at your gym? That’s awesome! Applaud them for fitting it into their schedule, but if you notice them attending each and every cardio kickboxing class available day or night, express concern that they might soon grow tired of it. If you hear of them skipping important work meetings or family commitments to attend the classes, let them know it is OK to miss it here and there. After all, they can always catch it the next time it is on the schedule or participate in another activity later that evening. Indoor spinning classes, strength training or going for a run on other days will confuse their muscles and give their body a chance to catch up.

When someone first begins to work out with a trainer or joins a gym as a new member, he or she might not realize recovery is a big aspect of success. Educate them on the importance of recovery and that doing too much can quickly weaken their immune system. You know that it’s important to allow at least one full day per week to rest, but it might be news to them. They’ll be grateful for the extra time to catch up mentally and physically on other areas of their life.

Fresh fruit salad 2 – Eat Healthy
I know, I know — eating healthy is easier said than done. Temptations are everywhere you look, from the vending machine at the office to an ice cream stand on a warm summer day. But, sometimes, making a smart switch can spark a positive trend. When a sugary snack or slice of greasy pizza seems tempting, it’s best to beat the cravings by chewing on something with more nutrients. Share with clients that a piece of fruit or a glass of juice can help conquer the craving for something sweet. And if they really, really, really need a piece of pizza, there are lots of low-calorie options they can make at home. If they prefer to order pizza from a restaurant, express to them that vitamin-packed veggies hold nutrients and can be a good substitute for pepperoni or extra cheese. Posting healthy recipes on your organization’s bulletin board or Facebook page can go a long way!

Eating celery sticks morning, noon and night isn’t smart, either. Moderation is key, so don’t support their decision to say “no” to a friend’s birthday celebration simply because there will be cake in the vicinity. If they keep their lifestyle well-balanced, a treat can certainly make an appearance! When they hear that from you, they’ll feel better about their choice to attend a social gathering.

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Man sleeping3 – Get Adequate Sleep
Lack of sleep is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes. Obviously, a lack of sleep impacts energy levels, which can prohibit clients from feeling up to working out after leaving the office. It also can affect their ability to think clearly, comprehend new information and get along with others. If you educate them on these facts, they’ll think of you the next time they’d like to stay up late to watch one more episode of a television show or spend one more hour out with friends when they have to be somewhere early the next morning. Thanks to you, they will consider the health benefits of some ZZZZs and how not heading to bed can hinder performance in the days to come.

Man Drinking Water While Standing By Exercise Bike In Gym4 – Hydrate
Whether you train competitive athletes, people who exercise for the socialization aspects or a little bit of both, it’s important for everyone to stay hydrated before, during and following a workout. They might be embarrassed to ask for water or for a moment to catch their breath, so if you see them struggling, tell them that no one will think less of them for taking a quick break! Water keeps joints lubricated and without it, no one would be able to meet their fitness goals. Encourage clients to stash a bottle of water in their purse, in their desk drawer or in their gym locker to ensure they’ll never be without.

Finally, always ask a client about their plans after each session. If they say they are heading home (or somewhere else) for a meal, tell them that refueling with an unhealthy dish or beverage would be counterproductive.

If you feel a client’s relationship with working out has become a little too intense, encourage them to reach out to someone they trust, like their physician, for advice.

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