The Key to Reaching Your Goals

We all want to be our best, and we all strive to be the best in our field – but how do you get there? What do the best musicians, athletes, sales people, business owners, and even the best coaches have that everyone else doesn’t?

Do they possess some super human ability no one else has? Do they know a secret no one else knows?

The truth is, what they have – and the “secret” they possess – isn’t really a secret. It’s something anyone can make a part of their life: Consistency.

If you look at the top people in any profession, it’s obvious that they have a special talent and skill. But they got to where they are because they picked a few disciplines and consistently performed those disciplines.

Business philosopher Jim Rohn says, “The formula for success is practicing a few small disciplines daily.”

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. If I were to go up to Michael Jordan and say, “Hey, MJ, you’re the greatest basketball player of all time. Which shot made you the greatest? Was it that time you dunked it from the free throw line? Or was it that time you hit the game-winning shot in the playoffs as time expired? Or was it another shot?”

Most likely, Jordan would answer that his achievements weren’t based on a single shot, but rather the hundreds and thousands of shots he took during practice, the hundreds and thousands of hours spent working on his dribbling, and the hundreds and thousands of hours spent getting himself into peak physical shape. The simple disciplines consistently performed that compound over time is what separates the average, the okay, and the mediocre from the super successful and those at the top of their industries.

So now that we’ve touched on success, let’s quickly discuss failure. Ironically, consistency is a hallmark of failure was well, but in this case the consistency is in making bad choices that knock us off the path to our goals.

Jim Rohn says, “The formula for failure is a few errors in judgement made daily.”

It’s typically not one big decision or one big action that causes us to fail. It’s the small choices and actions we routinely make that cause us not to reach our potential.

In our gym, most people come because they want to lose weight. Let’s say I’m working with an athlete who is trying to lose weight, and the night before a workout they decide to stay up too late and not to get the sleep they need. In the morning they’re tired so they decide to skip their morning workout and sleep in. Since they did not work out they decide they might as well ruin the rest of the day by drinking sodas and eating cupcakes.

If this were to happen one time, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But if it became a routine, the needle on the scale would quickly accelerate in the opposite direction of where they wanted it to go.

So as you can see, consistency can go in either direction. Our consistent choices and our consistent actions can take us closer to our goal or take us further away from it.

My challenge and question to you is this: What five actions can you take, starting right now, that would make a huge difference in your life if you consistently acted on them?

On the flip side, what three things are you currently doing that are taking you further from your goal – three things you need to stop doing right now?

Below I have listed five actions I’m currently doing to take my business in the right direction. They’ll help start you thinking about your own.

  1. Read and listen to positive books and podcasts to help me grow and develop my leadership ability. As John Maxwell says, everything rises and falls on leadership. I know that for my business to grow, I need to grow. My business will never outperform my current leadership ability so I need to continually grow.
  2. Develop content consistently. I am a speaker, a business coach, and leadership consultant so I need to continually be developing material that is relevant and helpful to my clients.
  3. Read my Bible and pray daily. (If this isn’t your thing, that’s okay. But I’ve found that my faith truly helps me throughout my day.)
  4. Reflect on my day. During this time, I’m not meditating or anything like that. I’m being active and asking myself question. Where did I get a win at today? What led up to that win and how can I replicate or make that win even better? Where did I fail today? I try not to run from my failures but learn from them. What did I learn from my wins and failures and how can I apply this going forward?
  5. Stay uncomfortable. If I’m comfortable, I’m not growing. We all know that growth happens on the other side of our comfort zones. I’m not looking to do anything crazy, but I want to continually think outside the box, be different, and challenge myself.

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