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Personal Training Tips & Tools from Brian Schiff

Do you subscribe to the Prosper as a Fitness Professional (PFP) network for personal trainers? Our corporate health trainer, Lori, adapts each month’s offerings into her own training routines. Not only do we focus on finding and testing the newest fitness products, but we also invest time in new and improved training techniques right in our own facility.

We’re big fans of trainer Brian Schiff’s instructional videos and are proud to sponsor some of his innovative workout and recovery lessons. Below, we’re sharing a few of our favorite videos along with Brian’s tips and considerations for trainers. Each of the demonstrated products can be purchased on ELIVATE and we encourage you to try a few of Brian’s routines in your own facility.


You’ve probably converted most of your clients into devoted foam rollers, but have you introduced them to whole body vibration foam rolling yet? Brian explores how vibration technology has been shown to be effective in tandem with static stretching as well as with improving stability and anterior reach on the Y Balance test in elite soccer players.

Brian’s VYPER rolling suggestions:

  • Begin with the foam roller beneath the lower leg.
  • Slowly move up and down along the roller with the foot in a neutral position. Perform 30 seconds in this position.
  • Now, repeat this sequence for 30 seconds with the foot turned inward and outward.
  • You may also opt to focus more on smaller areas or trigger points and do more compressive therapy holding roughly 10 seconds on each spot and follow that with more global rolling.


Sure, BOSU is well known throughout the fitness community, but have you considered how the Elite Balance Trainer’s Power Zone grid pattern further supports and challenges clients through training? Brian considers lateral up and overs and how these simple drills will vastly improve performance, speed, and quick feet (if you’re training soccer players, take note!).

Brian’s BOSU Elite Lateral Up and Overs comments:

Having the ability to effectively decelerate and then re-accelerate the other way is critical for success in field and court sports. I like to use this drill and work it for 20-30 seconds with athletes at a time to have them work on their conditioning and footwork. As long as they’re hitting that Power Zone is the key part to have them work on balance and stability.


Want to improve your clients’ pillar strength and stability? Brian shows you how to safely use the landmine and an Olympic bar for a torso rotation press. These moves will allow clients to learn control in torso rotation and shoulder elevation.

Brian’s Landmine Press tips:

Once the Olympic bar is secured in the landmine, place the handle bar on the bar. It is best to start with the bar alone initially if the client has never used it before or choose a very light load that the client can safely handle. Lift the bar and handle bar off the floor and position them so that you are facing the landmine with the knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart and the arms in the down position.

  • Slowly press the handle bar upward and to the left fully extending the right arm.
  • The left arm will remain bent to a certain degree allowing for trunk rotation to the left. Pause, and then return to the start position.
  • Perform 5-8 repetitions to the left, and then repeat the same motion to the right side.
  • The goal is also to maintain stability and control of the bar while keeping the feet on the ground.

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